Regents Park Baptist Church, began as an outreach of Auburn Baptist Church in 1907. In the early years, Sunday Services were held in a small cottage in Sefton until funds were raised to purchase a church building on Clapham Road, October 4, 1911. In 1933, the church building was transferred from Sefton to Regents Park. The building was removed on a truck but during transit got caught on the overhead power lines in front of the Regents Park Hotel. This did not deter the faithful, and the service was held outside the hotel.

Mrs A. Hart donated the property that the church building was relocated in memory of her family. The church was originally called the Jakeman Memorial Church and was officially opened April 29th, 1933. In the early years there was a youth club, Boys and Girls Brigade, Cadets, physical culture and a Sunday School which at one point had twenty-five teachers.

In 1976, Pastor Kevin Jolly and church caught the vision of Rev. Bob Frisken and Rev. Peter Hester to be part of a Christian School with Lidcombe-Berala Baptist Church. In 1985 Christian Community High School became part of Regents Park Baptist Church. 

On May 24, 1992 the church was renamed Regents Park Community Church. Six years later due to growth from Christian Community High School the associated buildings of the church were demolished in order to make way for the Multi-Purpose Hall. The Multi-Purpose Hall was officially opened May 6th 2000 and is the site where the church worships at present.

In 2005, under the leadership of Rev. David Deal, Heartbeat Community Care was officially opened May 14th and has been the compassion wing of Heartbeat Church by emergency relief for electrical, phone and water bills. On July 20th 2014 Regents Park Community Church officially changed its name to Heartbeat Church create a closer association with Heartbeat Community Care.

While the demographics of Regents Park have changed over the years and the church has had seasons of highs and lows. One thing has remained consistent; the vision of the Church to be a light to the nations and fulfil the final command of Jesus Christ to go and make disciples of all nations.